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Sheroes = Moms!

Hello Educators! Here we are with another week behind us and so much promise before us. I hope you and yours remain well and that peace, love and much health stays with you. Today’s post will be brief but from the heart, as always.

To everyone, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day. For those whose mothers or children have transitioned and are grieving their absence today, I send you love and strength, and hope that peace will comfort your heart during this time. To the mothers in particular, you have such a special place in this world. The words that you speak, the model you are, and the space that you occupy is one of power and influence and continues to shape our world on a consistent basis through the children you raise. Thank you for mothering as you do. Thank you for loving as deeply as you do and for showing up day after day with or without accolade or recognition. We know that a day isn’t enough to underscore the depth of who we are but…we’ll surely take it.

I hope your day was filled with all things wonderful and that something made you smile. I hope you found a way to do something for you, no matter how small, that underscores your importance. Finally, before you retire for the evening or when you awake in the morning, I hope you can commit to at least one new practice that will allow you to continue to show up as the best and healthiest version of yourself for many, many more Mother’s Days to come! You are certainly worth it. Be well and have a wonderful week.

In Solidarity and Love,


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