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About Me...

I began my journey in education as a school counselor, where I developed programmatic solutions that supported increased student achievement and growth in several schools with significant needs. I transitioned to a district office and had the opportunity to lead the district’s work around student behavior, bullying prevention, Restorative Justice, school climate, and social-emotional learning (SEL). As a district director, I led the development of a districtwide SEL implementation plan, designed adult SEL professional learning sessions for teachers and school leaders designed to create common language and understanding of SEL, co-created an SEL module designed to support teachers with developing equitable Social, Emotional, and Academic Development learning spaces, and led the launch of SEL for all schools through an integrated process. I currently work as a district advisor with CASEL, supporting the implementation of SEL in several large districts.


My passion has consistently brought effective systems and care into schools that support leveling the playing field and increasing equity for students who are historically marginalized. I believe that a focus on the wellness, care, and social-emotional well-being of the educator is a missing key to transforming education and student achievement. I hold a Master of Human Relations with a concentration in Counseling from the University of Oklahoma and a Doctorate of Education from the College of William and Mary where my research focus was on the Relationship Between Student Infractions and Social-Emotional Learning.


Apart from the field of education, I am a Certified Health Coach who has maintained a focus on holistic wellness, personal development, and ongoing healing. My focus is daily being the best version of whom I am and supporting others to do the same. I am a happy parent of a teenager (imagine that), a new blogger, and live in Alexandria, VA.

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