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Happy Sunday Educators and Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! I hope you are doing well. This week we honor and recognize the people native to the lands that we currently occupy and we acknowledge their true history of brilliance but also the reality of genocide and displacement which marked the lives of so many. This is the reality of our nation's history that I did not learn as I walked through my K-12 experience. As we seek to turn a new page in education and seek to right the injustices of an educational system designed for some but not all, a significant step is the decolonizing of our curriculum and a commitment to teaching a true and complete recollection without omissions and misrepresentations. Steps like these allow us to push into our resolve of being the change that our students need in this world.

These actions are not easy...I know. Sometimes we can be unsure of where to start and if we are indeed supporting a solution or adding to a problem. If this is where you are or if you are simply looking to deepen your work with young people this year in a more authentic and holistic way, I would again like to invite you to join me on Thursday, October 15th for the 2020 CASEL SEL Exchange Virtual Summit. If you recognize the need to teach differently, be different, so that our young people can experience differently, this is the event to attend to arm yourself with the research, the strategies, and the inspiration to take action.

Join us as we listen to researchers, practitioners, and young people who will reenergize our personal and collective practice. We are beyond 2000 registrants from all over our country and the globe and the one element that is still missing is...YOU! Please find the details below and be sure to register.

Here is a personal invitation to you to be my guest at this event. See below for more details.

2020 SEL EXCHANGE VIRTUAL SUMMIT "Catalyzing Our Commitment to Youth" October 15, 2020 | 12:00 - 4:00 pm ET

The voices of young people are unrelenting and clear, proclaiming their power to co-create a society more just, more caring, and more inclusive of perspectives previously devalued or dismissed. The Virtual Summit, hosted by CASEL, is a clarion calla call to action for adults to leverage social and emotional learning to prioritize the agency and expertise of young people in re-imagining thriving schools and communities.  Register today to hear from a diverse cross-section of voices – young people, researchers, educational leaders, and community partners – all dedicated to understanding dimensions of individual and societal healing and transformation through SEL, anchored by an unwavering commitment to equity.

Will you be there? Register here: $125/person

Join us to:

  • Revitalize your spirit for this work: Hear from a collective of leading voices to help strengthen your commitment to SEL.

  • Be inspired by youth and their experiences: Gain practical insights to center youth in the why of this work.

  • Reimagine the power of SEL: Elevate research-practice strategies toward courageous action in service of equitable outcomes for all.

I look forward to holding this space of growth with you.

In Solidarity and Love,


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