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Don't Miss This Opportunity To Be Inspired!

Happy Sunday Educators! What a week (last week), month, and year it has been. How are you doing? How are you being? Yes...that was said on purpose. There's the doing of life and there is also the being and when life is challenging, they are often both impacted, and from time to time, we need support. Join me and many others from 50 states and 16 countries as I host an event that will help us learn, grow, and be well together at the CASEL Social and Emotional Exchange Virtual Summit!

On this blog, we have tackled some difficult topics and realities of our world and that of the young people we serve. Maybe you made a decision, as I have, to push with greater voracity this year to show up and speak up in a way that cultivates change. If this is true for you, this Summit is guaranteed to help you follow through on that commitment. Here is a personal invitation to you to be my guest at this event. See below for more details.

2020 SEL EXCHANGE VIRTUAL SUMMIT "Catalyzing Our Commitment to Youth" October 15, 2020 | 12:00 - 4:00 pm ET

The voices of young people are unrelenting and clear, proclaiming their power to co-create a society more just, more caring, and more inclusive of perspectives previously devalued or dismissed. The Virtual Summit, hosted by CASEL, is a clarion calla call to action for adults to leverage social and emotional learning to prioritize the agency and expertise of young people in re-imagining thriving schools and communities.  Register today to hear from a diverse cross-section of voices – young people, researchers, educational leaders, and community partners – all dedicated to understanding dimensions of individual and societal healing and transformation through SEL, anchored by an unwavering commitment to equity.

Will you be there? Register here: $125/person

Join us to:

  • Revitalize your spirit for this work: Hear from a collective of leading voices to help strengthen your commitment to SEL.

  • Be inspired by youth and their experiences: Gain practical insights to center youth in the why of this work.

  • Reimagine the power of SEL: Elevate research-practice strategies toward courageous action in service of equitable outcomes for all.

I look forward to being with you in this space of inspiration and growth.

In Solidarity and Love,


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